The motto for GWRRA is “FUN, KNOWLEDGE, SAFETY.”  The strength of GWRRA is our common love for a venerable touring machine, the Honda Goldwing.  While the motto emphasizes FUN, and that is certainly what we are all after, we feel that knowledge of Road Skills, Mechanics and First Aid go a long way toward making the “FUN” happen.  Riding a motorcycle is a managed risk.  Lets learn to manage it well.

A Little History

The Honda Goldwing has been around in one form or another for over thirty years. Below you see a photo of the original Honda Goldwing.  It looks very little like the present product model.  But everything starts somewhere.  If you would like a history lesson click here and you will be taken to a website that contains a rather comprehensive chronology of this premier Honda motorcycle.  It makes for interesting reading.


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