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Basic First Aid and CPR

First Aid/CPR certification is not mandatory in GWRRA.  However, If you want to clime the various education levels you must take a First Aid/CPR course at least once every two years and remain certified.

There is a charge for these course but it is not very high.  The Medic First Aid® Company is the GWRRA affiliated course.  The GWRRA instructors have been trained by Medic First Aid.  You are not required to take the Medic First Aid course to be certified and recognized by GWRRA.  The Red Cross and local Community Colleges also provide First Aid and CPR training.  Take your pick.  They are all good.  It just might be more convenient to take a course that is provided by a GWRRA certified instructor.  You can ask the Chapter Educator for course schedule information or you can keep an eye on the Chapter Calendar.  Course that the Webmaster knows about will be listed there.

Good Samaritan Laws

Keep in mind that you can’t do any wrong by helping someone in medical need as long as you do not exceed your knowledge.  You are protected by the Good Samaritan Laws.  These laws vary from State to State but While it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to pitch in and help a person in medical distress most who have done it fine the experience exhilarating and very rewarding.

First Aid Supplies

Before you look at supplies take a course and get certified.  You need to know what you need before you bother equipping a kit.

First Aid Supplies are sometimes hard to find and a proper kit is hard to put together. Below is a list of places to get First Aid supplies and kits.  Please be aware that there are no endorsements or suggestions attached to the this list.  You may go anywhere you wish to purchase medical supplies to stock a First Aid Kit.

Mica Peak – This is not really a medical supply website.   However, it does provide a list of medical supplies that can be modified and augmented and then printed as you decide what should be maintained in your personalized motorcycle First Aid Kit.

CPR Saver First Aid Kits – This sight is an excellent one to pick out and purchase a First Aid Kit that contains most of what you will need.   Be careful, though.  You will find a substantial amount of junk on the site as well.  It’s best to buy a good case that fits where you want it to on your bike and then fill it with what you need rather than purchase a ready made Kit.  This site also supplies sealed up supplies suitable for a small compact First Aid kit or for replenishing one.  The sight also has CPR masks and shields if you were taught CPR with rescue breathing.

Galls – One of the most frustrating things to get for a first aid kit is a set of protective gloves that fit and really protect.  Galls is  a nationally know site for all this first responder and peace officer.  This is a direct link to the best gloves on the market and you don’t need to buy 100 of them.



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