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Know How to Ride

Rider Education is one of the most important functions of GWRRA.  Any questions on Rider Education can be addressed to our chapter educator.  His/her email address can be found on the Website’s Staff page.  GWRRA has a structured program of rider education.  As you achieve various levels you will be rewarded with badges to affix to your Chapter vest in recognition of your achievements.  The ultimate goal is to become a Master Rider so you may proudly display that honor on your vest and exhibit the riding skills that make make GWRRA members some of the safest and most courteous motorcycle riders in the world.  To apply for this program and update records use the following forms and send the the completed version to the Chapter Educator for recording and verification.

For a graphic overview of the steps to achieving your Master’s certification take a  look the Building Blocks Flow Chart and as a reminder open and print the Rider Education Trifold Brochure brochure and keep it with you on your motorcycle.

As you progress through the levels of the program you will be required to take knowledge and skills training either on line or in person to establish various proficiencies in safety and riding.  Refer to your Rider Education Trifold to more detailed information.  The Chapter Educator works to coordinate the required training seminars as these seminars occur you will be notified by the chapter educator and/or on the website Calendar page.

Levels I, II and III of Masters Program

Form N7REP  is the initial application form to the Rider Education Master Program Levels I through III.  The proper sections of the form must be completed and submitted to the Chapter Educator.  Notice, that the form has separate sections for the first three levels.  The Chapter educator will help you fill it out to ensure that all sections that apply are accurate and complete.

Form N10REP is the update form to be submitted to the Chapter Educator whenever new achievements need to be added on your progress toward Master status.

Level IV Master

Form N9REP is the final submittal of qualifications for Master Rider or Co-Rider certification.  This is normally completed by the Chapter Educator but you should monitor the information to ensure it’s correctness.  The easiest way to do that is to enter the information yourself.

How do I get the courses I need?

All you have to do is contact our Chapter Educator.  The contact information is on our Staff Page.  The Educator will put you on the list for the next available course that you need.  If there are multiple courses you need you can sign up for more than one.


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