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Know Your Ride

Before you ride check it out

Everything on a motorcycle is critical.  From the tires and stands to the lights you should check each system on you motorcycle before riding.  We in the GWRRA call this TCLOCS.  Check out the T_Clock_Checklist.  It will become obvious where the name comes from.


Everybody needs help occasionally with maintenance on their Goldwing.  Personally, I rank myself as dumb as a rock.  But, I am a good listener and can follow instructions.  However, the $130.00 Service Manual I purchased for my Wing leaves me wanting more often than not.  The web sites listed below are particularly good at answering some of the more pressing questions about maintenance and present enough detail to allow you to do it yourself.  BIG SAVINGS in case you haven’t had it done by a Honda Service Centers yet.


California Scientific Introduction to Motocycles – For general information about motorcycles this website can’t be beat.  It covers everything from  basic introduction including everything from parts nomenclature to proper riding gear.  There is a sizable amount of information on specific motorcycles albeit not as much as I would like specifically on Honda Goldwings.

Steve Saunder’s Goldwing Page is a great chat website for all things Goldwing.  If the shop manual has stumped you or if you just looking for caveats that other Wingers have discovered and conquered, this is the website for you.  I find it’s just fun to look around for interesting tips on maintenance.

Paul’s Goldwing Maintenance for Dummies – Don’t be offended by the name of this website.  It’s a well managed website that contains all kinds of helpful information on Goldwing maintenance.  It’s really great for shortcuts to the normal service procedures that often are so cumbersome that you would give up and pay the dealer to do it.

Illustrated Powersports Goldwing Website – This is a for profit company that offers a set of DVD disks that illustrate the step-by-step motions necessary to do all your routine maintenance on your GL1500 or 1800.  They are a little pricy but still a steel compared to the price you would pay the Honda Dealer to do it.

Angle Ride Videos – This sight offers yet another set of DVDs that cover maintenance of the GL1800 specifically.  This set is definitely more pricy than the one listed above but oh so much more detailed.  The best part is you can order a single disk.  One disk is much less expensive than the complete set offed above and will give you specific information on your maintenance problem at the moment.

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