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Planning Rides – Upcoming Events



If you have any idea’s for rides, events, dinners, picnics, whatever, please contact the Chapter Director or Assistant Chapter Director. E-mail addresses and phone numbers are listed on the web site under “staff”.

**See the calendar for scheduled events.

Plan a Ride for Fun:

Note: Rides already planned can be found on the Calendar page.

While some of us on the staff are not experts on all things concerning our duties, we can help get an event organized and communicated.  If you come up with the idea for a ride we will be glad to help plan it.

Planning takes work. To help plan a ride here is a form to fill out and send to the ride coordinator to make sure all the bases are covered.

Ride Plan V2.2

If you need help with the planning for , click on the EMAIL icon and submit your request.

Someone will get back to you.


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