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Below is a list of links to vendor sites that folks in our Chapter have found useful when outfitting themselves and their motorcycles. If you come up with any other suppliers that are worth mentioning please pass the information on to the webmaster for addition to this list.   Enjoy.

Web Site Comment
 Competition Accessories This site isn’t much for bike parts but is a great site for helmets and other apparel for riding.  Check it out for not only helmets but also jackets, pants, scarves, tee shirts,… Etc.
 Honda Parts-Direct This is a good source to find parts and order them by Honda part number.
 J. C. Whitney, Goldwing This part of the J C Whitney catalog is a bear to find.  So, here is a direct link to the Gold Wing Parts and Accessories section.
 Sierra Electronics These guys carry a wide variety of electronic parts for Wings.  They have excellent prices and offer many alternatives when it comes to antennas and suppressors that most companies don’t carry. This is a subsidiary of Cycle Giant for Goldwing accessories and apparel.  Good selection of accessories for all wings except the old 1000s.  Good prices too.  They carry Goldwing logo clothing too but are limited to that for riding gear.  They are a little slow on delivery.
 Cyclemax This is Cyclemax.  They carry just about any accessory you can think of including “Road Dog” Trailers.  They are fairly priced for Goldwing parts and accessories and are quick to deliver.
 Heated Clothing Outlet If you are planning to ride when the temperatures are much lower than temperate you might consider getting warm electrically heated clothing from Gerbing.  The site has it all and all that you need to hook up to your Wing.
 GL1800 Riders Forum This is a great blog for all things GL1800 without the bias normally present in sponsored blogs.  The discussions are direct and honest.   No intimidation by sponsors.
Scissor Talk Sewing vests and embroidery work on your item. Kim Wendiling, 520-885-4818. Located in Corona de Tucson.
BTM  Formerly ACCESSORY PIT from Albuquerque, NM, Bikes, Trikes, & More

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